100 Healers Brighton Experiment – the dowsing results are in!

On Saturday 21st March 2020, Spring Equinox, the re-creation of the original Brighton Experiment took place, although not exactly in the format planned.
The Coronavirus / Covid-19 pandemic meant that travel was restricted, venues were closed, people were being urged to stay home. Suzanne Thomas of Fountain International and I had asked people not to come to Brighton in person, but rather to send their healing energy to the fountain at The Old Steine in Brighton from the comfort and safety of their own homes, from 3.30pm to 4pm. The intention was to send love and light and healing to the fountain, the local “hara” or power point, and from there out into the local community.

Geomancer, dowser, ley line specialist and earth acupuncturist extraordinaire Richard Creightmore  dowsed the area around the fountain on Monday 16th March, and again directly before and after the actual meditation on Saturday 21st March.

This shows the extent of the increase in energy field before and after the meditation. Inner ring shows the outermost of 5 circles before the meditation. Outer ring shows the outermost of 33 circles after the meditation.

His full report is here:
100 Healers Brighton Experiment Revisited – Saturday 21st March 2020 – Dowsing report

Here is just a short extract to show the power of the healing on that day.
Thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to join us from wherever in the world they were. We certainly showed that remote healing is powerful, and can have a measurable effect on the local energy. Let’s see what the longer-term effects will be!
A huge thank you to Richard Creightmore Рif you would like to know more about his work, check out his website:  https://landandspirit.net/

This is from Richard’s report:

” I held vigil at the fountain during the meditation and observed this: at exactly 3.30pm the atmosphere around the fountain lifted dramatically and began pulsing intently with waves of white (to my eyes) light, as a vertical dimension opened up from below ground to the sky through and around the fountain. At 3.33 there was a sudden aerial commotion as a dozen or so seagulls wheeled noisily above the fountain three times, then some veered away inland and several landed to perch in various places on the fountain, including right at the top, where they stayed on and off for the next half-hour. Several more pigeons also arrived, and by about 3.40 the entire park felt to be filling with peace, love and healing. Soon after this seemed to have reached its maximum around the fountain and the healing energy started moving along the leys to light up ley-crossing nodes all around Brighton, then Britain, and then all around the globe.”

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