16th January – are there dots to be joined here?

Stand by your beds – stock up your cupboards – keep the coffee coming – those who look around can see clear signs now that things are happening. Let me just bring together a few threads that may or may not have anything to do with anything …
Baron Benjamin de Rothschild has just died in Switzerland. He was only 58, he had a heart attack – such a shame for one so young, for such a leading member of that long-established banking dynasty.
“Nine Catholic bishops with Covid 19 die in a single week” – that is an actual headline, from the Catholic News Agency, no less. Four died on the same day – 13th January. The nine were aged between 53 and 91, and were based in various countries around the world.
Is it a coincidence, I wonder, that the Vatican, one of the three key pillars of darkness along with the City of London and Washington DC, has again been in the news this week? Not only for the fact that it controlled the Leonardo satellites that shifted data and money around the world relating to the US election voting fraud scandal, but also for the vast deposits of gold and other valuables held in its underground vaults, and who / whatever else has been held underground there too.
Apparently the Pope’s personal physician has also tested positive for Covid, so that sets up a nice exit line for the Pontiff, doesn’t it?
And then there are the major changes to European Governments – Merkel stepping down; the Dutch Government resigning; the Italian Government too … the Italian Government owned the Leonardo satellites that were controlled by the Vatican. One of the key Dominion servers was in Frankfurt. No idea what was in Holland but it would be more than a bit of hash, that’s for sure.
Some (anti) social channels are crashing, as is Bitchute – what makes you think Big Brother is trying to stop the truth from getting out there?

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