Michelangelo Chiecchi Natural Life System – a full day of learning and sharing

If your health and well-being are priorities for you; if you have been searching for a truly holistic approach that embraces the spiritual as well as the emotional, mental and physical levels – then invest a day and £20. Come and meet Michelangelo Chiecchi, a very “awake and aware” therapist and healer who will join all sorts of dots on aspects of well-being and answer your questions too. He works with iridology, colonics, reflexology, re-alignment and nutrition, just for starters! –
He has lived all around the world, including Japan, Canada, US and Germany, working with and learning from masters of their various healing methods and modalities. Now he brings it all together in what he calls the Natural Life System, which aims to put the whole being back into harmony and balance.
SATURDAY 23rd JULY, NEWICK VILLAGE HALL, BN8 4LE   (on the borders of East and West Sussex)
10.30am – 4.30pm tickets £20
More info & booking – contact me via    judy@indigoumbrella.co.uk or by mobile on 07597 020 512.

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