A Poem for Humanity, by Phil Sterling

Well, when I say “by Phil Sterling”, he would probably disagree, and say that he was only the one putting pen to paper – we understand that, and acknowledge the inspiration behind the words.
Phil is an accomplished astrologer, and works with the voice analysis sound process – it’s a very powerful, effective blend of healing modalities.


A Poem for Humanity.

This lockdown keeps the people in

and patience might be wearing thin

but we must learn to stop and wait

and just sit down to meditate.

It calms the soul and clears the mind

our angers and frustrations find

that suddenly they are not there

and life is easier to bear.

Our health and our immunity

can once more with impunity

be ours to choose without the frills

so long as we don’t take the pills

dolled out like sweets by people who

without the fullest education view

your needs with an emotion bland

compliance is what they demand.

So herbs and spices now accrue,

some garlic cloves, and ginger too

your inner fire you must keep bright

so when your system needs to fight

the poisons and the toxins sent

by institutes with mal intent

you will not suffer like the rest

but carry on with verve and zest.

We really are no more impressed

with endless lies that manifest

from ego centered politics

who further plan their dirty tricks

with people who have stopped our lives

behind our backs are sharpened knives

reduction of the populace

is what they hope to put in place.

Of plans to implement it soon

your mindfulness needs to attune

we are not robots built to serve

our freedom is what we deserve

but not to grab what we just need

the lives of others we must heed

resources shared and not just theft

our children proud of what we left.

The politicians need to know

that they shall reap the things they sow

their crazy actions hold no sway

there has to be a better way….

From Pisces to Aquarius move

the ancient wisdoms then will prove

that truth will be the paradigm

we need to start some better times.

Domitus 29th April 2020

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