A Spiritual Perspective on Where We Are

We are living in times of extraordinary change at a number of  levels, and so it is perhaps not surprising that many people are confused and, quite frankly, overwhelmed by what is going on around them.

At a physical, third-dimension (3D) level, we see political upheaval – the focus being on the US right now – and we see the fear and uncertainty caused by the Covid virus. In UK we also see implications of Brexit becoming clearer.
It all adds up to chaos. And yet, we are told by spiritual counsellors, that chaos is an integral part of the process of transformation, that we have to smash the old in order to re-build in the new.

At a spiritual level, we are leaving 3D behind and raising our frequencies to rise up to 4D and 5D – and, at a personal level too we are going through this process of fear and uncertainty; chaos and change. It is uncomfortable, painful even, as we leave behind all that we knew, all that was so familiar, and step into the unknown with only trust and the promise of much better things to guide us.

We are moving into a New Age, a New Era – it has been called The Golden Age – but in order to do that, we need to leave behind the baggage, the shackles, the “stuff” that has weighed us down for so long. It is this sloughing off of the old; the releasing of the heaviness; the shining a light into those darkened corners, that is going on around us and within us right now.

Many people are sensing a change, and are impatient – “just get on with it!” they say, “we’ve been promised this change for so long, we don’t want to wait any longer!”
But wait we must. There are plans in place at every level, and these need to unfold in their own good time.
Our task is to stand our ground, to  shine the light, to radiate an energy of love and peace and compassion.

Whatever we think about, wherever our attention is focused, that is what we are putting out into the collective energy, into the ether if you will. All of those who are feeling afraid or angry; frustrated or confused, are putting those emotions, those energies, into the field. It is our task to counter that, to shine our lights even brighter so that the field is flooded with love and light and healing. That is not always easy. There are those who – either intentionally or because they don’t know any better – attack, physically or on (anti) social media. They mock, scorn and abuse those who seek to bring truth to the people, who seek to help people through the process of awakening to these higher frequencies.

Because we lightworkers are now moving between dimensions, we are even more sensitive than before. As we become attuned to the higher frequencies, and reclaim more of the natural spiritual gifts that we have been denied  for so long, so these attacks wound even more deeply. We have to stand our ground, hold the line. An even bigger challenge awaits. When the truth does come out, as it has to; when people see that what they were told was not true, was not in their best interest, and that these crazy conspiracy people who needed tinfoil hats were right after all – there will be a big temptation to say, “I told you so!” Don’t. Those people will be in shock. That may well turn to anger, disbelief, overwhelm … they will need help and guidance and support. The lights we shine will become beacons to show them the way to a place of calm and peace.

At a soul level, all lightworkers chose to come here now for precisely this time. It is a unique experience, and we must trust, we must know, that it is unfolding exactly as it should.

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