All the fun of the fair!

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 16.04.43“Roll up! Roll up! All the fun of the fair!”

Lots of colours, lots of lights, noisy music, waving flags, all designed to attract you and distract you at the same time.

Life out there in the Big Wide World seems to be a bit like an traditional fairground right now, it seems to me.
There’s the Hall of Mirrors, where everything is distorted and out of shape and not at all what it seems: doesn’t that remind you of politicians in general, the EU Referendum in particular?

Or what about the coconut shy, where we set people up on pedestals as heroes, celebrities, saviours, only to knock them down again?

There’s the bumper cars, the dodgems, where we seem to spend our whole time trying to steer a course to avoid collisions – staying out of the way of those who want to bang into us and damage us.

Or the gentle horses on the carousel, where people sit happily, holding on, smiling and waving at those they pass by, not realising that they are going round and round in circles?

The shooting range, where the expressionless ducks – GMO clones, probably – keep appearing. No matter how many you shoot down, there are always more, exactly the same, all those big corporation ducks in a row …

The helter skelter, where you climb all the way up until you’re on top of the world and then you tumble, totally out of control, down and down and round and round until you get dumped unceremoniously off the other end, right back where you started.

What has that got to do with spirituality, you may ask? I would ask you how you define spirituality. Is it something you do for a couple of hours once a week and then put back in the drawer until next time? Or is it an integral part of your life? If you believe that we are all connected, and if you believe in a global consciousness, then you may choose to see the events that are unfolding all around us within that broader spiritual context.

Scientists are telling us that our beautiful planet is moving into a different part of the solar system. They confirm that we appear to be coming to the end of (yet another) cycle of 11,500 years, when the Earth’s magnetics collapse and reverse. This time it seems the poles are going to align, at least for a while, at around 90º to where they are now, on an axis from (roughly) Indonesia to the Bermuda Triangle. With the Earth’s magnetic shields down, the planet will be vulnerable to solar radiation and cosmic radioactivity. This type of upheaval, it is postulated, has been responsible for whole species being wiped out since time began, and completely new species being created. Climate change, a new Ice Age . . . these are all proven to occur on a regular cyclical basis, and from the ancient Mayan calendar to modern hi-tech computer modelling, the evidence suggests that we are very close to Something Big happening sometime soon.

Spiritual leaders are pointing to the ending of a cycle too: we have left behind the Age of Pisces and are now starting a new phase in the Age of Aquarius. There is much talk of Divine Feminine Energy coming to the fore, bringing nurturing, healing and compassion. They describe us moving towards a shift in energy, a lighter vibration, a higher dimension with increased spiritual awareness.

In previous newsletters I have talked about what I call “shifting sand syndrome” where people are feeling uncertain, insecure, anxious, not quite knowing what’s happening around them. I have said before that these are signs of the big changes happening “out there”, that we are indeed feeling the effects of whatever may be going on at every level of our individual and global consciousness. Deep insidel, we know that change is underway, and nobody knows where it will take us. For some people that is exciting, a time to look forward and celebrate what is ahead, but for others it is a time of fear, wanting to cling on to what they know, reluctant to let go and go with the flow. And as I have pointed out, any period of major transition is marked by “a crisis of change”.

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