In the mid-June Indigo update I quoted information gleaned from an established channelling group.
This is what the Update said:
“(the High-Level Beings) had come through with a very specific message that was both important and timely. They warned of two events to take place within the next 20 – 30 days. The first would be a very large explosion, no location given, probability that it will be man-made. Healing would be required, but not in the location of the explosion. The second event would be a solar flare that would mean there would be no communication at all for two weeks: no electricity, nothing. The Beings warned of “darkness” and fear, and advised the group to prepare.”

In the July newsletter, from the same group and same source came this information, in an exchange about “the big event” that is imminent:
Q: “Can you describe what you are talking about in more detail?”
A: “It’s energetically that things will occur, so you may not see a mushroom shape, you may not feel the earth move beneath you, but there will be waves of energy that will have an effect …..”

Well, I would say that Beirut counts as a “very large explosion”,
wouldn’t you, and interestingly a number of people have
commented on the mushroom-shaped cloud that can be seen
in the videos circulating on (anti) social media.
What caused the Beirut explosion is still open to debate – was it
really all those tons of ammonium nitrate that had been sitting
in a warehouse for years, or was it something more deliberate,
Nexus Newsfeed reported that “the blast made the earth shake
for a radius of some 200kms, at level 3.5 on the Richter scale,
as measured by the German Geoscience Centre. Nexus article
continued, “the detonation also caused a giant wave and
destroyed cars parked adjacent to the port, without however
displacing them or the water sideways, but rather as if pressure
had been exerted directly on the sea and on the site of the

Sky News (in Australia if not in UK) reports that the
rescue teams digging through the rubble have uncovered a
series of panic rooms and a network of underground tunnels – a tad unusual for a dockside warehouse complex, perhaps ….
Why, one wonders, were Dutch emergency helpers and their specially-trained sniffer dogs kept away from the site of the main blast? Why did Hezbollah send its teams in?

Was it a coincidence that a tribunal on Lebanon was due to sit the next day?
And that it was the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima? Maybe.

Oh, and don’t forget that on 5th August there was also a big gas explosion in North Korea and a massive fire in Ajman, UEA. And a very large blaze at a UNICEF warehouse in Kinshasha, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. That wouldn’t normally raise an eyebrow, would it? But then you think about all the work that is being done behind the scenes to unravel the high-level, international paedophile rings which have been established for decades, centuries – and which traffic children around the world …

Healing is definitely needed not only for Beirut, but for these other locations too.

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