Andy Thomas talks Bonfires and Processions

I was born and raised in Sussex, and so grew up with the tradition of bonfires and processions around the time of 5th November.
It was only when I moved away that I realised just what a localised Sussex “thing” this all is.
Researcher and author Andy Thomas lived in Lewes for several years, and that led him to investigate the phenomenon that has grown over the years.

Andy was booked to give us a talk about the history and traditions of bonfires and processions, especially in Lewes – that of course spills over into the local villages that each have their own Smugglers’ “uniforms” and colours, and their own processions and bonfires.
Sadly, Andy was taken ill at the last minute, and we had to postpone the talk.
Which was not good for Andy, but is good if you didn’t get to hear about it and would like to come along, because we will be re-scheduling!
Watch this space, as they say …

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