Are you feeling it yet? And if so, what is it that you are feeling??

Recent channellings from Archangel level have warned about “an event” that would have consequences on the Earth.
Yes I know that could cover a million things on any day of the week but – as covered in recent newsletters – these messages have been getting increasingly specific, and last week’s warned of something “energetic” –
” You may not see a mushroom shape, you may not feel the earth move beneath you, but there will be waves of energy that will have an effect ….”
“This is going to be several days of energetic turbulence, so for your own best well-being, stay at home, ground your energy, set up your protection ….”

Another channelled message said that Earth was being bombarded by 5th dimension, 40Hz Gamma rays, to help trigger our shift up a notch or two, away from the 3rd dimensional sludge we have been stuck in for so long. This happened, the message said, in the early hours of Sunday 28th June and lasted for several hours. There was a list of symptoms that starseeds around the world had reported, inlcuding:
**  feeling tired and weak            **  waves of nausea            **  third eye pressure          **  headache
**  body aches            **  dizziness               **  hard to balance               **  feeling super tired             ** sleep difficulty
**  extreme emotions / sadness               **  dull headache           **  accelerated dehydration      **  back / kidney pains
**   sinus aches            **  feeling spaced out and disoriented           **  missing time              **  vivid dreams

Well, I don’t know about you but over this last weekend (27th / 28th June) I was sideswiped by something and can tick quite a few on that list. As someone who is never ill, it took me by surprise, I have to say, just how unwell I felt. And then, having read the full (long, informative) article that this came from, it all made sense.

Then, separately, with my professional hat on, I am preparing to start seeing therapy clients again. The lovely Natural Healing Centre I work from has introduced a new Code of Practice to ensure therapist and client wellbeing. Part of this new pack is a suggested questionnaire for clients to complete before arriving for their session. I typed out the template, and as I did so, noted the questions:
**  have you recently developed any cold- or flu-like symptoms, such as cough, hoarseness, sore throat, headache, body aches, fatigue / drowsiness?
**  do you have a raised temperature?
**  are you experiencing any shortness of breath / chest pain / tightness that you have not had before?
**  do you have any new unusual abdominal symptoms – loss of appetite, diarrohoea?
**  have you recently lost your sense of smell or taste?
**  do you feel generally unwell?

There is a lot of overlap between the two, isn’t there?

Let’s look at something else – Electro-Sensitivity. Yes, it is a thing, a very real thing. Symptoms of that are many and varied too, and can include:
**   headaches        **  skin problems        **   insomnia       **   fatigue       **  anxiety        **   cognitive confusion
**  memory loss          **  muscle pains          **  heart palpitations         **  irritability         ** dry eyes

And that’s not factoring in “Lockdown-itis” – the very real symptoms of being shut away either completely on your own or perhaps with people you don’t normally spend so much time with, and with fear levels being ramped up each week.
That in itself has led to increased anxiety, depression and stress which in turn lead to insomnia, broken sleep patterns, higher blood pressure, exhaustion and many of the other conditions listed above.

Is it a coincidence, I wonder, that our Energy Upgrade and Covid share so many “trigger points”?
No, not really, I guess, when you think our chakras and our whole energy body is being re-calibrated by the Energy Upgrade. What I do wonder if how many people are having themselves tested for Covid when actually they have been hit by a wave of fabulous energy?

I can imagine that most of you will be feeling something right now – before you start panicking, just check in with yourself? How do you feel? How do you really feel? What’s going on inside you? That will give you a good indicator of which road you are on!



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