August 2018 Update


Hello Indigos

The Algarve is a golfers’ paradise. There are dozens of courses spread the length and breadth of the region, all boasting immaculate greens, shimmering lakes and impressive clubhouses. It’s big business, so no wonder it attracts those looking to profit from it.

Once upon a time while I lived there, a stranger rolled into town claiming he had a revolutionary way to teach golf, one that would make good / better players of everyone with the time, patience (and money) to follow his methods. He was pointed to me as, at that time, I was a marketing / PR consultant who could open doors for him.

I gathered a small group of people, golfers and non-players (like me) for an introductory lesson at one of the main practice ranges. He lined us up, gave us a pep talk, and gave us all different tasks. I was standing opposite a cigar-shaped lake.

“Hit the ball over the water,” he said, so I did.

“Hit the ball over the water again,” he said, so I did.

“Hit the ball over the water one more time,” he said, so I did.

“Why do you keep asking me to hit the ball over the water?” I asked.

“Because most people have a mental block about hitting a ball over water,” he explained, “they see it as a barrier, and they can’t do it, but you don’t seem to have a problem. Let me see you do it again – hit the ball over the water.”

So I hit the ball – and it plopped into the water.

All the time I didn’t know that there was a problem, that it was difficult, I just did it. But as soon as he told me how hard it was, I took that on board, and reacted accordingly.

We all do that, don’t we, in different ways. Right from childhood when we are told, “you’ll never be able to do that,” or “that’s not for people like us,” – we take that programming on board, we believe it, it becomes part of who we are.

That sort of programming can be reversed , but you first of all you have to understand that it is programming, and then you have to work on tracing back the root cause and clearing it. What is “yours” and what has been laid on you by other people? Cut the cords, clear whatever it is that is holding you back.

I have come up against this again very recently with a project that is potentially very exciting indeed and could well involve each and every one of you. Big project, big numbers. Daunting. Scary. A couple of people took a quick look and said, “too big, too many problems, not even you can do that, Jude.” And I took all that on board, despite a reading from my lovely therapist which was hugely encouraging and “go for it!”

In the early hours of one morning, when my spiritual Team Jude come through to me, they said, “Look at the numbers another way. Break it down. Don’t give up. Don’t walk away. You can do this.”
I realized that the story of the golf balls was right there in my mind, that I had shared it with a couple of people in the previous two days: perhaps I should take note of that, too.

All those years ago, I learned the lesson. Yes, I hit the ball into the water a few times. But then I reminded myself of the times I had hit the balls clean over – what was the problem? And I started hitting the balls clean again, right over the water.

Of course, with age, I come to understand that before diving into a project, caution is not a bad thing. But with the emerging positive energy from the Universe that is coming into full flow right now, I have to say – I’m hitting the balls right over the water again.

Watch this space, Indigos – I’m going to need your help, your support and your inspiration and together we can create something amazing!



The August discussion group is next Friday, 17th August, 10am – 12 noon or so, at the private room in the Harvester in Haywards Heath.

We were due to have a special speaker, David Bland, to talk to us about his Harmoniser. I was really looking forward to that but, sadly, David has decided to “withdraw his interest” both in meeting the Indigos next Friday, and in taking part in the Water Day provisionally planned for October. He explained that there were two main reasons for changing his mind. First, he says that I refused to meet him one-to-one. That is not quite the case – you know me, Indigos, I will meet with and talk to anyone! Secondly, he says I focused far too much on water and not on the Harmoniser. I looked again at the Harmoniser that he gave me – it is a small brown glass bottle with a white screw top, and it is full of what looks like water. Indeed, as I explained / quoted in the last newsletter, David spent more than a decade experimenting with different waters and different plant extracts to perfect the Harmoniser. So – my apologies to any of you who were looking forward – as I was – to learning more about his years of research and how he came to decide that this was the right formula.

The August discussion group will not have a special speaker, but instead I am working to arrange a “foodie” speaker for September.



Water is a topic that is very much on my radar right now. What started life as an idea for a Water Day in October is developing in ways I could not have imagined, and I am loving it.

Bear with me – I am “going with the flow” (!).



My new Cygnus Review magazine arrived yesterday. If you have not signed up to be a friend / member of Cygnus, I would encourage you to do that – they have introduced another layer of discounts for their members.

I was amazed and delighted to see that Andrew Collins’ new book “The Cygnus Key” is one of those included. Recommended Retail Price is £17.99, Cygnus price £11.10, Member / Friend price £9.99.

Andrew was scheduled to be a speaker at the WAVES conference, and I am still hoping to get him onto the calendar for next year to talk to us about his work, so I shall definitely be ordering a copy of “The Cygnus Key”.




You can come out from under the duvet now – we’ve had the three eclipses, and both Mercury and Mars are turning positive from retrograde in the coming weeks: Phew!

All this retrograde time – and most of the planets have been retrograde for a while now – gives us the opportunity for introspection, for looking at the various characteristics / traits / qualities that are represented by the planets. Do we like what we see? If so, how can we improve? If not, what are we going to do about it?

Do you see how it all ties in with the bigger picture of confusion and change? The same chaos that we see unfolding in politics, religion, big finance and the corporate world is being played out inside us. We are being forced to look at every area of our lives in turn and make choices. Do you remember that Wheel of Life from the July newsletter? Did you look at that? Did you really take time to go through the process of evaluating those areas of your life? Probably not – but that is exactly what the planets are asking you to do. Why? Because it is part of the process of aligning to the quickening energies as we move to those higher vibrations.

I had yet another conversation this morning about how there is no going back to the way things were. The only way is forward. The old rules don’t apply. It is the responsibility of each one of us to align now with our true selves, with what brings us joy. That may well mean turning our backs on familiar routine, of finding the courage to leave that comfortable rut – but it has to be done even if it seems selfish to those who are not on the same journey. There is a growing sense of urgency about this now, an impatience almost, from all those guardians and beings from the various dimensions, who are working with us to make the transition.

Our work is to put out as much positive, loving, light energy as we can at this time. As Iranian-born poet and author Sholeh Wolpe says, “darkness is not to be battled, rather we must walk into it, hearts aflame, because light does not fight darkness, it dissipates it.”

Do whatever makes your heart sing. Spend time with people who make your soul smile. Follow that joy. This is not fanciful “woo woo” talk, this is serious, energy-raising stuff.

And on that note, Indigos, I wish you all love, light and joy,

Love Jude x