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An Evening with International Medium Karen Willis – Wednesday 11th October – BOOK NOW

“UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL” HAYWARDS HEATH TOWN HALL, 40 BOLTRO ROAD, RH16 1BA 6.30 pm – 9 pm Tickets are just £10 Karen has been working as a medium for some 30 years now, and regularly travels around the world giving demonstrations and leading workshops. When she is working with Spirit, the passion for her calling shines through. The messages are delivered with compassion and empathy as well as accuracy: the person receiving the message is left in no doubt about the identity of the one giving, and what they wish to say. In this special evening, with numbers strictly limited to a maximum of 30, you are invited to bring your own supper to have from 6.30pm – 7.15pm – a chance to relax and meet like-minded souls in a supportive environment.  Then from 7.30pm – 8.30pm, Karen will give a demonstration of her very special kind of mediumship. It should be very clear by the end of the evening that what we call death is nothing more than a transition to another place, and that souls not only survive but can – and do – communicate. Book Now: or 07597 020 512

An Evening with Richard Vobes Monday 9th October – BOOK NOW!

WHERE DO WE FIND OURSELVES AND WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?       HAYWARDS HEATH TOWN HALL, 40 BOLTRO ROAD, RH16 1BA. Doors open 6.30 pm.   7pm – 9pm Tickets are just £10 Yes, this is the lovely Richard Vobes whose videos have captured the hearts of so many recently. Typically British, with a no-nonsense approach and a bucket-load of common sense, he points out the idiocy of what is happening around us and suggests what we might do about it. Exactly what he will talk about will depend on what is happening at the time. We have the whole of the first floor. You will need to use the side entrance (to the right of the building as you face the blue front door). There is a lift. There is a small car park behind the town hall, and on-street parking is free after 6pm. The Town Hall is no more than 10 minutes’ walk from the mainline train station. Do spread the word, bring along a couple of friends – I have a feeling this will be a very entertaining and informative evening! Book Now: or 07597 020 512

13/09 Three Gorges Dam overflow

If this video is real – and I have no way to verify this – then it seems the 3 Gorges dam has finally burst its walls and flooded the valley. And there have been many more floods besides. How come we have not heard about this? And do you remember what was said about the 3 Gorges Dam way back when ??

The Revolution of Healing

This video is an interview between Jason Shurka and Dr Sandra Rose Michael, inventor of the Enhanced Energy (EE) System that uses scalar wave technology for cell regeneration. I have had one 2-hour session on this and am due another session this week. It makes a lot of sense to me – see what you think. Video is just over an hour.

Channeling Theo: Waves of Rapid Change

I have not been to Gaia for a while – and just this evening I found this fabulous interview – Regina Meredith with Sheila Gillette, who channels Theo. They are talking about “Waves of Change”, about 42 minutes of pure gold. “A collaboration of the human species and all other species, and love – what would that be like?” If in doubt, ask yourself, “what would I love do?”  (Sign up to watch) Channeling Theo: Waves of Rapid Change (

Pam Gregory interview with Veda Austin

Absolutely fascinating interview – Pam Gregory talking with Veda Austin about Veda’s work with water. It’s just over an hour and worth every minute. Water is so intelligent, it has consciousness – and it comes from way out in space . . . amazing stories, amazing science studies.