Wow! That was the reaction of everyone in the group when they (we) first saw the Pyramid of the Sun, with the town of Visoko huddled at its feet and creeping up its sides.

The Guardians were with us: the weather was beautiful as we hiked to the very top of the Pyramid of the Sun, meeting a very special young lady along the way.


Then the snow came, but only overnight and early morning, melting away to allow us to explore the Pyramid of the Moon, and the Park where contemporary installations tap into the energy of the place.


The tunnels are very special indeed. The quality of the air and the accoustics have been scientifically tested and well documented. Carefully crafted by beings who knew exactly what they were doing, there is a constant flow of fresh air; never a feeling of being shut in; and a comfortable, ambient temperature in there, as well as negative ions aplenty to recharge the body’s battery and restore natural wellbeing.

We’ll be going back, for sure: if you’d like to join us, let me know!







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