Indigo Umbrella features on Bosnia Pyramid website


British Discussion Group sponsors Bosnian Pyramid Talks and Tour!

The Indigo Umbrella discussion group was started in October 2014 by Judy Sharp, a registered clinical therapist, with the strapline “covering the full spectrum of spirituality in modern-day life”. Already, there are some 300 Indigos in the “tribe”.

The whole story of the Bosnian Pyramids is a natural fit for the “Science meets Spirituality” remit of the Indigos. It has proven to be the most popular topic to-date in terms of audience numbers and overall interest. This does not surprise me as it brings together so many elements that chime with the journey of discovery during these times of awakening and remembering. There is the evidence of a highly-intelligent, highly-spiritual ancient civilisation; the energy field of the Pyramid of the Sun; and the healing powers of the tunnels. On the other, we have the personal story of Sam Osmanagich recounting the opposition he has faced, countered by leading edge multi-disciplinary, multi-national approach to the whole research project, embracing “spiritual” / energy modalities as well as totally scientific ones; and most recently, the creation of the Ravne II Park.

One day, out of the blue, Nigel Grace called me to register for an Indigo talk. I couldn’t believe it! Here was the man I wanted to book for a talk on the Bosnian Pyramids speaking to me on the phone! Immediately, I asked him to present the findings of the Bosnian Pyramids to our next discussion meeting at the beautiful and prestigious venue of East Court in East Grinstead, Sussex, England.

Nigel’s first talk in July 2017 attracted some 70 Indigo members and the room was packed to capacity. There was a lovely buzz and the audience was very attentive and responsive to Nigel’s dynamic delivery of a beautiful presentation. The video footage of the hundreds of orbs streaming out of a tunnel that was being unblocked drew an audible gasp from the audience!

Feedback after the event was very positive: people wanted to know more. So it was that I asked Nigel to give an update to the Indigos when he returned from his visit to Visoko in summer 2017.

His second presentation was even more fascinating than his first, giving history and wider context to the project with, again, stunning still photos and video clips.

The Indigo members have asked all sorts of interesting questions about Nigel’s talk and the project overall. These questions have included – why were the tunnels blocked up? In opening them, could we be opening Pandora’s Box? Who created the tunnels and why? Was it an intelligent civilization, ETs or other beings?

We all agree to organize an Indigo outing so that our members will see these amazing pyramids and tunnels for themselves, and experience the energy of the place and the people. The consensus is to visit during Spring Equinox 2018 with 15 to 20 Indigo members.

So Nigel’s talks have undoubtedly fired enormous interest in the whole topic of the Bosnian Pyramids, and created demand for a visit. The Indigos and I are grateful for his fabulous talks, and I have to say that the project has a great ambassador in Nigel for spreading the word so eloquently, efficiently and with (dare I say it) such grace.



Judy Sharp Dip Hyp; Dip PLT/SRT; SQHP

Practitioner, General Hypnotherapy Register