Q&A from October 2017 talk

Following the second talk by Nigel Grace about the Bosnian Pyramids in October 2017, several questions were raised – here are the answers.

And yes, we will be filming his next talk, promise!

  1. What interests me greatly is the reason for the tunnels being blocked up. Was it to protect the technology from falling into the wrong hands or was it to prevent something from getting out?

Answer – There is mounting information that something happened about 4,200 years ago that may indicate hostile people, visits or climate. So the closing of the tunnels could be to bring down the energy generation (decrease the active nature of the system) either to protect it against the hostile visitors or emerging culture, or to protect it from hostile climate changes.

          2.       Could we be opening Pandora’s box?

Answer – Some sensitive people have felt that the release of the orbs in the two chambers that have recently been opened are spirits or souls that were trapped in there for thousands of years. These sensitives commented that it would have been better to have conducted some energy work to permit these old souls to ascend into the light rather than letting them out into our environment.

However I have been doing some asking while in the tunnels whether we have permission to excavate the tunnels and pyramids. I received the answer that it the need of the time that the technology and artefacts are revealed now to mankind.

            3.  We are clearly dealing with something far more complex and advanced than we understand.

Answer – all the technologies that we are uncovering are known and available today and they obey known principles in science. The difference is the consciousness that created the technology. That consciousness is more advanced than us today because it (consciousness) is essentially cosmic. That consciousness approached the design and installation of the technology via pyramids from a unified and benefic standpoint.

Humanity’s progress must now be centered on the development of higher states of consciousness in order to survive and thrive. And this is the purpose of revealing the findings of the Bosnian Pyramids.

            4.    I would love to know Nigel’s view on that and also who created these tunnels and why? Advanced humans who’s knowledge has been lost due to near extinction or maybe ETs?

Answer- my view is that there are no aliens– we live in a galaxy that is populated by many sentient beings who are our cosmic brothers and sisters. ET’s are our galactic family – some “good” and some “bad” by our definition of these polarities. However all these peoples and beings are striving for happiness and fulfilment and their actions are based on this universal desire.

Those brothers and sisters who desired the expansion of life in our galaxy have seeded and nurtured life on many planets including ours.

                   5.      Advanced humans who’s knowledge has been lost due to near extinction or maybe ETs?

Answer – the cycles of time are responsible alone for the loss of knowledge and from time to time an enlightened being or mind is born to restore man’s knowledge of the divine and his and her cosmic nature. That is the agency of the divine nature of the creation and what is behind and above creation.

We are now in a time when access the full knowledge of the creation is dawning, both through science and inner experience. The news media is dedicated to hide this, but we are awakening. This means mankind’s memory is being restored. That is why connection with the ancient past helps us to complete the circle and remember.