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I lived and worked in the Algarve for some 20 very happy years. My spiritual journey started there, and it was there that I took my first professional training, in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. For some 5 years I had my own page in the weekly Algarve Resident (as it was then), and I was a regular contributor to other magazines in the same stable of proprietor Open Media. So I was delighted when publisher Bruce Hawker and editor Inez Lopes agreed to print a press release about my book Past Life Healing and its strong local connections there. They even included a photo of the cover of the book which was nice of them!

100 Healers – Brighton Experiment – What Great Timing!

Back in the Autumn of 2019 I knew nothing of Colin Bloy and my knowledge of the Fountain Group was scant to say the least. I was researching material for a series of TV programmes based on Brighton and a friend suggested that The Brighton Experiment might be something to look at. As soon as I started delving, I felt that this was something I needed to know more about. It fascinated me. I decided that it would be a good idea to re-create the experiment – and from that point, the project took on a life of its own! Let’s go back to 1981. A wave of civil unrest is sweeping the country, fuelled by racism and class inequality. Emotions run high, and blood is shed in inner-city riots such as those at Toxteth. In Brighton – still suffering from weekend run-ins and violence after the regular seafront confrontations of the Mods and Rockers in the late 1960s – a dowser and healer called Colin Bloy was conducting experiments with the use of energy in healing. His studies had already shown that healing energy worked on plants and animals as well as people. He knew that this energy could...