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Channeling Theo: Waves of Rapid Change

I have not been to Gaia for a while – and just this evening I found this fabulous interview – Regina Meredith with Sheila Gillette, who channels Theo. They are talking about “Waves of Change”, about 42 minutes of pure gold. “A collaboration of the human species and all other species, and love – what would that be like?” If in doubt, ask yourself, “what would I love do?”  (Sign up to watch) Channeling Theo: Waves of Rapid Change (

Pam Gregory interview with Veda Austin

Absolutely fascinating interview – Pam Gregory talking with Veda Austin about Veda’s work with water. It’s just over an hour and worth every minute. Water is so intelligent, it has consciousness – and it comes from way out in space . . . amazing stories, amazing science studies.

I SEE YOU by Mark Attwood

Lovely poem by Mark Attwood for all you / we Starseeds out there – “I see You”: less than 5 minutes. The link is below: (32) I SEE YOU by Mark Attwood (with narrative) – YouTube

Powerful Sirius Gateway Opens

A Sirius portal in July and the Lion’s Gate in August – the energy is just pouring in! Sirius Gateway Opens


SUNDAY 11 JUNE 10.30AM – 4 PM Elaine brings messages from Extraterrestrials from other star systems and galaxies who are concerned for our well-being. They give us hope and intelligent instruction on how we can help ourselves, and what lies in the future for all of us. Elaine’s presentation will be illustrated with her own images of the various ET races that she communicates with. Personal stories will be mixed with the information, support and advice her contacts would like to pass on to us now. Time for discussion and questions. Spaces still available – reserve your place now! Illustration is one of Elaine’s – a being from Andromeda.

Are you a STARSEED? By Nini De Sa Ferreira

You are a STARSEED when : 1. EARTH was never your first HOME! You have a deep desire to be home, but you don’t know where HOME is – possibly on another PLANET! 2. Feel out of place – no one understands your cosmic MIND. 3. Loves being ALONE in solitude, peace, nature. Avoid places with a lot of people. 4. Fascinated by SPACE, Science Fiction, UFOs, Crystals, Time Travel, Fantasy and Magic. 5. Prefers looking at the night SKY to watching television. 6. Night dreams often reveal WORLDS and times never visited before. 7. You always felt that your life had a greater PURPOSE, but you still weren’t sure what it was. 8. You have an inexhaustible COMPASSION for all life forms and animals. 9. You have a highly INTUITIVE sense of mind and can sense the energy and emotions of other people, animals, places and objects. 10. Your life is full of SYNCHRONICITIES and you often see 11:11 or other numbers repeating themselves, you often experience DéJà Vu. 11. You are fascinated with crystals and alternative types of HEALING. You avoid putting prescription drugs in your body. 12. You are constantly researching SPIRITUAL knowledge and are obsessed with...


I lived and worked in the Algarve for some 20 very happy years. My spiritual journey started there, and it was there that I took my first professional training, in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. For some 5 years I had my own page in the weekly Algarve Resident (as it was then), and I was a regular contributor to other magazines in the same stable of proprietor Open Media. So I was delighted when publisher Bruce Hawker and editor Inez Lopes agreed to print a press release about my book Past Life Healing and its strong local connections there. They even included a photo of the cover of the book which was nice of them!



The December 2022 issue of Psychic News carried an article written by me about my book Past Life Healing – how nice of them to publish it: thank you, Psychic News! The book is published by the lovely people at Local Legend  It is available in bookshops around the world and also online. Cover price £8 – great pressie for someone who is curious about this sort of thing and would like to know more!