Channelling from the Council of Light via Christina Hunt 5th July 2020

We would speak to you of an impending crisis, many would see as a disaster. How to inform the masses without creating fear and disillusion. So much has been carried out in plain sight and yet it has not been seen or understood. Ignorance is bliss but now the time has come when the truth must surface and facts are revealed that will be distasteful and the ugly truth will be uncovered. Those who have awakened and become aware will handle this situation more easily but still the total ugliness shall rock people to the core of their being.
We ask you to prepare by filling your hearts to capacity with Divine Love. Increase your Light quota. Focus your minds on the Light and stand strong through this inevitable storm.
We gather around you, surrounding your planet Mother Earth, cradling her as she prepares for rebirth. Yet another cycle shall be completed. We are all on an immense journey, the heart of the cosmos is expanding beyond recognition.
Gather Cloaks of Light about you and prepare to be lashed by the ‘Winds of Change’ that are indeed on the horizon. We are with you every step of the way, have we not told you over and over. You are not alone.
The Council of Light 2020

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