Coming Home to Yourself

Coming Home’ to yourself during lock down – the Light in the Darkness

By Claire Powell.

Hippocrates , the Father of modern medicine, stated ‘ For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction , are most suitable’.

How appropriate then, to find restriction as part of the therapeutic response to Covid 19. ‘Lock down’ for many , presents us with an ongoing opportunity to go within. Not only to be ‘at home’ in our physical environment, but to ‘come home’ to ourselves, be present within ourselves and our environment and to re assess what being present really is to and for us. We are still every bit as ‘present’ within our communities, homes and selves. ‘Visible’ and ‘present’ are not necessarily the same thing! In this time where we are perhaps asked to examine our routine ‘doing’ and explore our potential for ‘being’. We are given the chance to redefine ourselves, re-sculpt and re-hone, re tune if you will. This is a time we are able to go within, examine what security is to us, release that which is false security, temporary and dependent on external coordinates, and instead reach for the inner stability we all hold in the core of our being, the Light force which transcends, transforms and illuminates. To fully integrate our core being to ‘come home’ to ourselves in the fullest sense.

During this time, we can individually and collectively choose to explore the deeper wells of our psyche, personal, ancestral, collective, examine what works for us, and what simply does not. Chance to dive deep into our unlimited potential to see who and what we could be, if we only dared. To find the courage to release that which no longer serves us well, which no longer reflects the values, choices and frequencies we wish to manifest and experience, and ultimately, to begin to formulate, gestate and co create the self we wish to give birth to, nurture and uphold long after the virus has gone. Perhaps this is the time we truly bring forth the best of ourselves – individually and collectively, and if so, then indeed, the world around us is changing, and we will step out into a new dawn, together, with more aligned values, perceptions and ways of being. I look forward to meeting the you that you are becoming, with all the wisdom, compassion, harmony and healing power you carry. During this time of tides of death and destruction, we have to opportunity to work the ever gestating tides of life, of birth and creation. To truly birth the new, and uphold, protect and nurture its first, faltering steps in a more connected, compassionate and inclusive world.

As a wise man once said’ We are angels. We had forgotten these things. Trailing crowns of glory, we are remembering’.

Claire Powell is a Counsellor, writer, teacher, healer and lecturer living and working in West Sussex. Whilst her clinics in Sussex are currently closed, she is offering telephone counselling and support sessions for those struggling with social isolation during the CV19 pandemic, and remote healing sessions. For more information or to contact Claire, email her at

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