Common Law – a Masterclass, with Allegedly Dave Thursday 14th April 2022

Over centuries we have allowed rules and regulations to be imposed on us that are not for our good or benefit.
We have given away our sovereignty without realising it and we are now paying the price.
Dave will explain how we are constantly tricked into contracts we know nothing of, giving away our natural rights under Common Law.
By knowing how the game is played, we can navigate the system and extricate ourselves from the clutches of those who want to control us.
Dave is a natural presenter who engages his audience in this journey of unravelling the mesh that has been woven around us. The difference between lawful and legal, between a police officer and a police constable, just for starters . . .  It will open your eyes and your mind; it will challenge you and it may well make you a bit cross too!
There will be lots of information, lots of practical hints and tips to help you avoid fines and taxes too.
Bring your notebook – you will want to take lots of notes to look back on!


10.30am – 5.30pm         tickets £15 for the day         Contact me on 07597 020 512 to reserve your place


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