Coronavirus – or 5G virus?

There are many theories doing the rounds right now about what Covid-19 is, or isn’t, especially as many of us have more time on our hands than usual.

One interesting theory is put forward by Dr Thomas Cowan, in this 10-minute video, where he points out the correlation between modern-day pandemics and the electrification of the human race:
1917-18    Spanish Flu, coincided with the introduction of radio waves around the world
World War II    radar equipment was installed all over the globe
1968     Hong Kong Flu, coincided with satellites being launched into the Van Allen Belt, which is a protective shield around the planet. These satellites not only disrupted the Van Allen Belt, but also beamed radio active waves / radiation back to the planet
2020    Coronavirus, coinciding with the introduction and activation of 5G.

Link to that video is:


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