Detained in a mental health facility – for questioning 5G!

Have you seen anything in the mainstream media about a lady called Susanne Small, who was detained in a mental health facility in Farnham, Surrey, recently? Probably not. The reason she was put into a room with bars at the window was that she dared to link her headaches and other symptoms to wireless radiation, and question a new mast that had been erected, to beam out 5G. Her doctor would not look at the pile of research she presented, and Ms Small was escorted from her own home.

I forwarded a 30-minute radio interview to Brian Stein, head of the charity Radiation Research Trust, as a result of which Dr Erica Mallery-Blythe, a medical doctor very much involved in this field, spoke with the facility herself, to explain more about electrohypersensitivity (EHS) and the mountain of research showing the health risks associated with it. The lady was released the following day, but the story has not ended, I feel sure.

Link to the interview here:  (you can also find it on the Facebook page Indigo Umbrella).

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