As Elaine says, “throughout my life, things have always been a bit different!

In 1992 she was contacted by a higher dimensional being from the Sirius system, who joined with others from many star systems to give information about them as beings, and details of their involvement with Planet Earth. From this was born her first book, “Voices from Our Galaxy”. It begins with her young life as a child emerging into a world that for her was so normal and yet to others was unbelievable; documenting some of the incredible paranormal events that shaped her personal destiny. Messages were first for us to get to know them as they really are, and not be afraid because they look different. We are, after all, just another race among many in this galaxy. The book is rich with information from extraterrestrials who become both her friends and her teachers.

In her next book, “To Andromeda and Beyond”, she ws shown amazing possibilities for mankind, multi-level functioning of the human body in its physical and energetic form, and how unused parts of our human energy field form the gateway to our future spiritual growth and entering higher dimensions.

Elaine’s latest book  “Raising Consciousness – Preparing for Change” is in two separate parts. They both contain extraterrestrial guidance for living a better life, creating a new reality, and grounded advice about how the coming “Solar Effect” will affect us all.

Elaine is an accomplished teacher, sound therapist, artist, writer, musician and creator of craft. She is also “Mum” to her grown-up daughter and son, and “Nana” to her four fabulous grandchildren.

In her “ET Session”, Elaine will share her personal story and then focus on the messages of these loving, benevolent extraterrestrials and higher beings from other dimensions.



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