France bans mobile phones in schools from September 2018

In December 2017, the French Government announced a ban on the use of mobile phones in primary, junior and middle schools as from the start of the next school year in September 2018. According to the measures, which were part of President Macron’s election campaign, children may bring their phones to school, but will not be allowed to access them at any time during the school day, including breaks.
Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer, responsible for introducing the measure, said that in ministerial meetings, mobile phones were left in lockers before the meeting started – “It seems to me this is as doable for any human group, including a class,” he said.
Parents and teachers seem less sure. But it is a sign of the concern that the French Government has about the effects of EMF / wireless radiation on children.

This was widely reported in the UK media in December 2017, but no such ban exists in UK schools, where WiFi in the classroom, according to researchers, poses a potential risk to children. Lack of concentration, headaches, increased anxiety and depression may all be a result of high levels of exposure to electro-magnetic waves.

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