FRIDAY 18th MARCH 2022 at the Birch Grove Suite, Bluebell Railway, Sheffield Park   TN22 3QL  (East Sussex)

A whole day dedicated to Truth – sorting the proverbial wheat from the chaff; looking behind the scenes of fake news and censorship; understanding the principles of Common Law. Two great speakers share the honours on what promises to be a high-energy day!

Morning session 10.30am – 12.30pm.      Afternoon session  2pm – 4pm.     Tickets £8 per session.

ANDY THOMAS is an internationally-acclaimed researcher, author and presenter, and a good friend of the Indigo Tribe.
Andy’s latest book “The New Heretics” is sub-titled “Understanding the Conspiracy Theories Polarising the World”.
In these times of change and confusion, he shines a light onto why so many people now challenge orthodoxy; why the mainstream suppression of their ideas is counter-productive and dangerous; and how we can approach all this with less division and more harmony.
Andy’s research is impeccable, his knowledge and understanding deep and broad. He never tells you what to think but – just like his book – “challenges all of us to face and fathom conflicting perspectives and truth-seeker thinking in new ways to encourage the open flow of discussions once more and establish real truths without creating dystopian futures.”

ALLEGEDLY DAVE’s high-flying career took him to New York, where he saw the Twin Towers fall from his office across the Hudson River.
A mid-life crisis and “escaping the matrix” set him on a new course of investigation as well as a number of eco-type projects. He is co-founder of Awake Radio which now encompasses three continents.
The afternoon with Dave will be an overview of and introduction to Common Law, a subject about which he knows a great deal.
Common Law is based on the original Constitution of the Lands, and has been subverted over hundreds of years. Knowing our rights and understanding how to implement them is key to regaining our personal and collective power.
Dave will be giving a full-day “Master Class” on Common Law on Thursday 14th April.

For more information and to reserve your place, please contact Judy Sharp on 07597 020 512.

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