The subject of water is looming large on my radar at the moment – and not just mine, it seems. There seems to be much talk among people far wiser than me about the importance of water in this coming year – watch for floods, tsunamis and droughts. Keep an eye on corporations moving in to control water supplies, and on what is in the water we are drinking.

Shaman Tony Samara said to me some 25 years ago that the next world war would not be about oil, or land or even precious metals – it would be about water.

It is for that reason that there is to be a Water Day at Sedgwick Park House on Sunday 14th April – more about that in the next newsletter. One of the people I wanted to include in the Water Day was Malcolm Bosher: sadly he is not available then – but he is in this country now, and so I have grabbed him!

Malcolm is the man behind “Magic Water 1” which regulars will have heard me talk about at a discussion group last year. The principles are those developed by Dr Keshe ( that make use of the ability of water to hold memory and transmit specific qualities that have been “programmed” into it.

Malcolm produces what he calls GANS and GANS water (GANS stands for Gas to Nano State, ie the 4th state of water). Last year in the discussion group I invited Indigos to taste water “programmed” with Shungite, which is good for clearing and, sure enough, the feedback I had was that there was indeed a lot of clearing at physical and emotional levels.

Malcolm and his partner Catrina will be with us for the Discussion Group on FRIDAY 18th JANUARY and they will also lead a workshop on SUNDAY 20th JANUARY so that people can try and experience both GANS water and a Quantum Loop for themselves.

Malcolm tells me that he has been developing two new GANS, Pine and Amber, both of which work well with EMF sensitive people. He is asking for some Electrosensitives to put these GANS to the test – volunteers please, both for the Friday and for the Sunday!

On FRIDAY 18th JANUARY He will talk about

**  GANS and its use in promoting quantum experiences

**  information on some possible methods of frequency hormonisation to mitigate EMF effects

**  Quantum Loop – energetically-charged material that can be charged into geometric shapes. The best example is a circle and they have been using it for all sorts of useful purposes connected with healing – pets love it as much as humans!

private room at the Harvester at Beech Hurst Gardens,  Butler’s Green Road, Haywards Heath  RH16 4BB             10am – 12 noon         £2 to cover costs

Please let me know if you plan to join us so I can arrange seating accordingly.

On SUNDAY 20th JANUARY there will be time and space to learn more and try for yourself.

A Cocoon is like a small pop-up tent made of fine mesh. The mesh is sprayed with GANS-programmed water, and then a person sits or lays inside the cocoon for up to 30 minutes or so in a nice relaxed state – meditation if you will. This is a very interesting experience and one that I can personally recommend!

After an introduction, there will be time to experience GANS water, the cocoon and the Quantum Loop for yourself, followed by lots of time for questions and answers.

Forest Row Community Centre, Hartfield Road, Forest Row  RH18 5DZ  10am – 3pm

Light refreshments provided, bring your own lunch.          £30  payable in advance

Contact me on 07597 020 512  or email:  to reserve your place.

Malcolm tells me he has an EMF harmonisation programme which can be switched off and on as required.

He asks me to make clear he is coming with information he has spent considerable time gathering and not with a guaranteed “cure” at all.

It is suggested that, if you are Electrosensitive, you may like to come along to the Friday event as an introduction, and you may then choose to come to the Sunday event as well.

I would encourage anyone with an interest in innovative healing methods or in the use of water or in possible avenues to help in the fight against Microwave Radiation to come along on the Friday and / or the Sunday. But please do let me know so I can arrange the rooms accordingly.

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