If you are concerned about the damage of exposure to EMF radiation, then you really should not miss this event!
First screening in UK of an eye-opening documentary called Generation Zapped, revealing the true cost of the “convenience” of wireless devices such as baby monitors, smart meters, mobile phones, tablets and so on – and, of course, the danger of masts near schools and WiFi in the classrooms.

One of the experts featured in tGeneration Zapped,  Dr George Carlo, will be leading a workshop to follow the screening. He will cover areas such as
**  the latest data on autism and neuro-developmental conditions in young people showing links to EMR exposure
**  problems with proliferation of masts and alarming increase in background concentrations of dangerous information-carrying radio waves
**  the need for intervention strategies to deal with electro-sensitivity and other related symptoms
**  possible alternatives and solutions

FRIDAY 6th OCTOBER, 10am – 5pm.    Tickets £50 include film screening; workshop with Dr Carlo with Q&A session; refreshments and lunch.
VENUE:  Dale Hill Hotel & Conference Centre, Ticehurst, TN5 7DQ  (close to A21, Flimwell lights).
or email:
or call me for info:   07597 020 512

Watch short film featuring Dr George Carlo on YouTube:



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