This coming week, Sunday  5th to Tuesday 14th July,there is a meditation for universal contact with peaceful extraterrestrials. The Facebook page describes the event like this:
Featuring indigenous elders, evolutionary and spiritual leaders, ancient history scholars, extraterrestrial researchers, and musicians, each day includes meditations, talks, music and more. Our intention is to help humanity take another step towards realizing our intrinsic connection with all life and our role as planetary stewards within a larger universal community.”¬† If you would like to sign up to this event (it is free of charge) go here:


SEDONA has long been recognised as a place of special spiritual power. The magnificent – and magnetic – red rocky mountains apparently hold the crystalline 5D grid and the vortices (should that be vortexes?) in the mountains create inter-dimensional portals, heightened vibration and frequency, and transformational awakenings of ET contact. The short clip shows Shekina Rose chanting / singing special sounds to link with higher dimensional beings. Personally, I found the sounds entrancing – hope you like it too.

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