Indigos are starting to have meet-ups once more – open-air picnics, mostly, or simple meals at places where we can eat outside, suitably spaced.

We have talked about how it has been for each of us during lockdown – the good; the not-so-good; the lessons.
Many people – including me – have been through the wringer, and it has been very unpleasant at times. This is how I described it in the August 2020 Indigo Newsletter:

Side-swiped. Pole-axed. Knocked off track. Have you felt like that? I certainly have! A couple of weeks ago I was all over the place, or not in a good place, or not even knowing which place I was in.
For the proverbial two pins I would have walked away from my little apartment and just kept walking. I would have got in the car and just driven – somewhere, anywhere, just away. I wanted to find myself somewhere completely different, where nobody knew me, so I could make a completely new start.
It was a deeply disturbing period, I have to say, especially as I am usually very grounded.
When I allowed myself time and space to be still and really think about it, I realised that what I was experiencing here and now in the 3D reality was, in fact, exactly what we are being asked to do in order to shift up to 5D. Leave all the old stuff behind, get rid of the baggage, and start all over again with a completely blank sheet, upon which to create the person we would like to be.
Once that particular ride on the roller coaster was over, much smudging, grounding and saying of prayers later, the next wave hit. This was at the emotional level and meant that I was either drowning in emotions, especially grief – if anyone had said, “hi Jude, how are you?” I was very likely to burst into tears – or, more often, I felt totally devoid of emotion. If you have not experienced that, I can tell you it is a very discomforting sensation. Humans have a very wide range of emotions, and not to feel anything is not natural. It occurred to me, having sat with this for a while, that it was almost robotic – and that was a very scary thing to be thinking!

Others shared a sense of deep alone-ness that was far more profound than just being in lockdown – a sense of being cast adrift, of not having any connection with anything or anyone.

Time warping was another very common theme – sometimes hours or even whole days would be lost, while at other times it seemed that time had slowed down and the day stretched out ahead without end. Both were very disconcerting!

Along with that was the sensation, which seems to be increasingly common, of stepping into another reality, just for an instant. Then you find yourself back where you were and you think, “what was that? Where was I?”

These could be called “Spiritual Growing Pains” – part of the massive shift in frequency or vibrational levels that we are going through. The “out there” energies are re-calibrating us to the new frequency that we will need when we shift up a couple of notches.

It is so important that we continue to do our inner cleansing work though – getting rid of all our emotional “stuff”; coming to understand who we really are; peeling the emotional onion until we reach the very essence of our true selves. For most people, that will be an ongoing Work In Progress, but a few people I know have reached that point.

Time in Nature is important now, to keep us grounded, to balance our energy and to remind us to give thanks for all that we have, the journey we are on.
And, of course, Trust – we must Trust in the process that is under way. With all that is swirling around, it is so easy to get caught up in the negativity, fear and anxiety, which lowers the energy, dragging you further down. If you find that happening, take a few nice deep breaths, think of all the things you are grateful for, and focus on the light.
Remember that, at a soul level, we all volunteered to be here for this unique event, and our light is needed now more than ever!

If you would like to chat about experiences, or if you feel you need a bit of support at this time, please do not feel alone.
Email me at:  or contact me via 07597 020 512.
The mantra of the Indigo tribe is:  Stand your Ground. Speak your Truth. Shine your Light.
Do that, please.


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