How the year is going to unfold – the view from Clif High

I first came across Clif High (yes, it is only one “f” in Clif) some years ago, but he fell off my radar for some reason. Just a couple of days ago an Indigo sent me a link to this video which reminded me how much I enjoy his take on the world. Let me give a little background to give some context as to how he explains things. He started out as a financial analyst, and devised a  sophisticated set of computer algorithms to help him predict market movements. The data would highlight key words or even emotions that were “bubbling under” before they started trending.
He noticed various things that would come up that, apparently, had little to do with his financial work, so he put them into a folder that he called “Woo”. In the end, the Woo took over!

His broad approach takes in everything from ETs and UFOs to vaccines and viruses – well, everything, in fact, that we (GlobalPop in his language) are reacting to and talking about.
The video is about 35 minutes and will give you, I feel sure, another perspective on what “The Year of Woo” has in store for us:


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