It is always interesting when something new lands on my radar. When the same topic lands three times in a single week, from three totally different directions, then I know I have to take notice and do something!

So it was with the broad subject of Hybrids – humans who have a dollop of non-human DNA as well.
Who are they? What are they? Why are they?

By profession I am a hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist, blending spirit release and soul retrieval work in the mix as well. My first training was in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy and, over the years, I have researched and studied various other healing modalities, from shamanism to what was once called “hands-on healing”; from channelling to various forms of energy work.

I am setting up my own project to provide help, support and guidance to those who feel they may be Hybrids, and I am asking for volunteers to get in touch with me. After some basic written homework and some talking, we will get down to some serious work with the unconscious, mostly regression work, to gently uncover who the client really is, and what that means for them.

Typically a hybrid will be totally human, but will know from an early age that there is “something different” about them. They will be very sensitive, seeing and sensing energy around them and in all living things.
They may well have psychic abilities that manifest in their personal and / or business life – often these will be squashed because it is too embarrassing or overwhelming.
There may well be “anomalies” in their medical profile – the doctor may be a tad puzzled by certain readings; an unusual bone density, perhaps; or metabolics out of the ordinary; maybe even organs in the wrong place …
There may be “dreams” or a knowing of being taken to another planet or to a space ship or visits by non-human beings.
These are some of the most common boxes ticked by hybrids, but there are others, and not all hybrids tick all of these boxes  it is a very personal experience, an individual journey.

This project is developing quickly and I am very excited about the direction it is taking, so there will be lots of updates!
In the meantime, if you feel you may be a hybrid, or you know someone who may be – get in touch! My numbers are 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512. All in strict confidence.

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