Indigo Meet-ups postponed until further notice

It takes a lot to stop a bunch of like-minded souls, intrepid Indigos one and all, getting together over a green tea or a full English to soak up the energy, the vibe, the company …. but sadly, we have to bow to orders.
There will be no Brekkies or Discussion Groups, or other Indigo events, until further notice, until this heavy black cloud called Coronavirus, or Covid-19 if you prefer, has blown over.

Blow over it will, and when it does we shall be there to share and re-connect, to explore, and to be at the forefront of whatever the future may hold, at many different levels.

If you would like to get in touch – just for a chat, perhaps, or to share a story or a concern – do please do just that. Email me on: or text / call on 07597 020 512.

Be well, look after yourselves.

Don’t get sucked into the fear and panic and uncertainty.

The motto of the Indigos is:  Stand your ground. Speak your Truth. Shine your Light.

Never has that been so important as now. We need all the light we can muster – and between us, we can light the world!

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