Alan Cooke looks at the evidence

Before anybody jumps to a conclusion that the above statement is illogical, let’s explore some of the possible connections. Whilst I am not advocating that this is the only cause, I can certainly make a case for it being a contributory factor in some instances.

Alzheimer’s has historically been a disease attributed to old people but over the last 15-20 years there has been a substantial decrease in the average age of the onset which requires an explanation. It corresponds to the times where we have all increased our exposure to EMFs. It does not mean that this is causing it, but studies from some epidemiological research citing extremely low frequency exposures show a collaboration in the same area as microwaves.

There is evidence that electricians and other people who have high exposures to ELFs have higher incidences of Alzheimer’s. There is literature showing that all of the neuro degenerative diseases have a role to play from being triggered by EMFs and there are plausible mechanisms by which this can occur.

Two crucial studies published in China found that if you gave young rats a whole series of short EMF pulses for a certain phase of time and then stopped the exposure, after a period the rats that were irradiated appear to develop the equivalent of Alzheimer’s – memory loss as in humans, and high levels of oxidative stress in the brain.

5G is extremely high pulsed. The EMFs act primarily through the Voltage Gated Calcium Channels (VGCC) and other genes influence the activities of autism of which there is no doubt. The VGCCs are in the plasma membrane and when they open, they allow large amounts of calcium to flow into the cell. The excess calcium in the cell is responsible for most, if not all biological effects of EMF. It is estimated that now one in three people will develop cancer, by 2025 that will rise to one in two and y 2040 everyone will develop cancer of some form if current trends are allowed to continue.

Every wireless device communication in at least part via pulsed modulations, the smarter the device, the more pulsations that are emitted. The first review of pulsations was known about in the early 1960s and first published in 1965. There are a number of reasons why government safety standards are inefficient and industry propaganda has no connection with reality.

Regulatory agencies throughout the world have done little to protect us. The telecommunications industry set up ICNIRP and issued guidelines that are supposed to protect us. We know from extensive studies published by independent scientists that many of the issues are cumulative and become worse with continued exposure. EMFs through the production of free radicals attack the DNA of our cells. Were it not for the industry propaganda out there, the latter would probably have been accepted decades ago.

A review in 2018 reported that there is a substantial increase in cancer in people living within 400 metres of a mobile phone mast. Because of the rise in EMFs everywhere, we are now seeing increased cases of:

lowered fertility
neurological effects
cellular DNA damage
programmed cell death
oxidative stress
excessive inter-cellular calcium

Alan Cooke is a member of the Royal Society of Medicine, International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, College of Medicine and Integrated Health, researcher and public speaker on EMFs. He also founded UK Radiation in 2014, an internet resource platform, citing the potential long-term health effects from the use of everyday devices such as mobile phones and wireless technology. He travels extensively within the UK speaking to Probus groups, U3As, WIs and Townswomen’s Guilds, to name but a few organisations.

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