Whether you’re a fan or not, it cannot have escaped your notice that the England football team did rather well in the World Cup. The level of support, verging on hysteria in some cases, lifted the country’s spirits in a way that little else has done for a very long time. Fans of all ages across the country were rooting for “The Boys”. What a fabulous example of mass consciousness in action! That over-riding sense of optimism, of looking forward – that is what we are aiming for in the bigger picture, reaching that tipping point where light really does outshine the darkness. If we can do it for football, surely we can do it for our own ascension – can’t we?

The other main headline has also been positive – the rescue of the young boys and their coach from the caves in northern Thailand. Again, the world was united in hope and prayer. Volunteers and experts of various nationalities came together to work for a common goal – rescuing those trapped in the cave. One diver lost his life in the process, but the mission was – against all odds – a success. The relief and joy of the families were shared by parents around the world.

How lovely to have good news dominating the media! Just think what it would do for the group consciousness to be aware of positive outcomes every day, to read and see stories of success and inspiration; of projects that are having en empowering impact on people’s lives … sadly, all too soon we are back to the sludge of politics, the fabrication of fear. But we have experienced something different now, positive news and how good it makes everyone feel – notice that difference, because what we need to work towards is that feeling, all the time.

At an individual level, too, look at what is on your personal radar. Are you feeding yourself negative, fear-generating news? There’s a lot of it swirling around, plenty to grab onto if that’s what you choose. May I suggest that you look at your choices and, perhaps, make some changes? Are you going to stick with the negative sludge, or are you going to upgrade to a higher vibration and focus on the positive? And while you’re at it look at your life in general. Clearing out the stuff that is holding you back, dragging you down, keeping you in the rut may be easier said than done, I understand that – but I have to say to you, the stakes are too high not to make that leap. We’re talking about your personal health and wellbeing; your spiritual progress; you honouring and liberating your true self to be the very best that you can be.

Not everyone is up for that challenge. Many are leaving us at this time. And for those who are making changes, they are not always comfortable. Stepping out of a comfortable, convenient job, or home, or relationship into the unknown takes courage – but it is liberating. Free from those shackles, you can look in the mirror and see your true self shining back at you – and then you can decide which route best serves your higher purpose.

Good luck Indigos. If you feel a private chat about your particular situation would help, do feel free to get in touch – you buy the coffee, no other commitment or costs involved. My numbers are 01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512.





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