Latest Discoveries at the Bosnian Pyramids

A group of Indigos travelled to Bosnia in 2018 to visit the pyramids and tunnels outside the town of Visoko. We were very fortunate to have as our guide Nigel Grace, who has worked on the project as a volunteer for a number of years now, and so knows the place and the people very well.

Most people don’t even know that there are pyramids in Bosnia, so when we explain that the largest – called the Pyramid of the Sun – is a third larger again than the largest pyramid in Egypt, they are amazed.

Head of the project is Dr Semir (or Sam) Osmanagich.  Under his leadership, it has grown to be a beautiful example of co-operation, sharing and harmony. The project is open to scientists, researchers and knowledge-seekers from around the world. There have been experiments that are totally, strictly scientific; others that are based on spiritual, psychic or energetic principles – all are equally valid and all results tell the same story: here is a place of enormous energy; it exudes peace and healing; and just leaves everyone in awe as to who created it all in the first place.

There is another visit to these amazing pyramids and tunnels planned for the end of April 2020 – if you would like to join us, get in touch:    or    07597 020 512.

In this video from July 2019, Dr Sam Osmanagich outlines the latest discoveries in and around the pyramids and the tunnels. It is only around 10 minutes long, and I find it very inspirational.



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