Making Waves about Wireless Radiation

Wireless Radiation / EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) Waves are given off by gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops; by anything that is WiFi (including, for instance, WiFi baby monitors) and “smart” (including smart TVs and smart meters); and of course by mobile phone masts.

Research from around the world points to the health risks of these waves and many countries have already taken steps to reduce exposure levels, especially for children.

In May 2018, three well-known figures in the field of research are coming together for the very first time for a series of talks to explain, in plain language, all about Wireless Radiation. Dr Dimitris Panagopoulos from Greece; Professor Olle Johansson from Sweden; and Dr George Carlo from USA will lead two separate one-day workshops in the lovely surroundings of Sedgwick Park House, near Horsham in West Sussex over the weekend of Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th May.

Saturday 12th is for those people who are already affected by Electro-Sensitivity, while Sunday 13th is open to the public, to all those who would like to know more.
Each day starts with a screening of the 2017 documentary film “Generation Zapped” which explains in very clear terms what electro-magnetic waves are doing to the environment, followed by a question & answer session. After lunch, the experts will lead a Masterclass geared specifically for the needs of the audience. Clearly, there will be significant differences on each day, based on the questions raised and the issues to be addressed.

Light refreshments will be provided, and delegates are invited to bring their own lunches: if the weather allows, picnics can be taken in the beautiful park-like gardens.

Tickets are £45 for the day, and only 50 places are available on each day. Please contact me now to reserve your place:  01444 459 433 or 07597 020 512.

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