Colour is a refraction of light, and light is considered by quantum physicists to be the very essence of life itself, therefore when connecting with colour we connect with the essence of life itself.

By becoming colour conscious we engage with life itself and when we actively focus on and introduce specific shades and tones of colour into our daily life change begins to happen. We then have the ability and opportunity to transform a monochromatic life of limiting self-belief into a glorious, colour filled life living with a sense of purpose and meaning.

Colour in its healing context could best be described as a sign language of the soul; by its very presence or absence we communicate our hopes and dreams, or even lack of them, through the visible rainbow spectrum.


I  have been learning and working with colour for more than 30 years, it has been, and continues to be an incredible journey of discovery. Colour has taught me the simplicity of life and taken me and the people I have worked with to the very depths of creation itself.

Through courses, individual sessions, bespoke trainings and workshops I will help you explore and get to know yourself, your relationships, your family, home, and even your business through the silent, yet immensly powerful, language of colour.  I will help you translate and understand your own personal colours and how to use them in simple and easy to use ways to deepen and enhance your love of life. Eminent psychologist Carl Jung believed that everyone is born with purpose, he along with great teachers such as Sufi Mystic Jalaluddin Rumi, believed that disharmony is as a result of not living our true given purpose. Knowing yourself through colour re-aligns you with, and reminds you of, the gift you have for the world, and then just like the acorn we know without doubt we can be nothing more than the mightiest, most magnificent version of ourselves. 

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