Overview of Astrology, Deep Dive into Voice Analysis Sound Healing with Phil Sterling Friday 20th May 2022

Each voice is a unique blend of tones or frequencies. Each birth chart is also unique, based on the frequencies of the planets places around it.

Former electronics engineer turned complementary therapist Phil Sterling studied voice analysis sound healing and then devised a sophisticated software programme that allowed the frequencies of voice and birth chart to be brought together to more closely identify health issues at physical, mental or emotional level.
Certain issues have their own distinct patterns, from stress to Alzheimers and so many more.
Thousands of case studies over decades show just how effective this approach can.be.

On FIRDAY 20th MAY 2022, in the lovely setting of the BLUEBELL RAILWAY at SHEFFIELD PARK,  TN22 3QL,
Phil will talk about both astrology and voice analysis sound healing.
In the morning he will explain why astrology should work at all, and will use the chart of the UK and selected individuals in the context of what is happening “out there” – sure to be very revealing!
After lunch, the focus shifts to this form of sound healing. Phil will show us various voice patterns and what they mean; he will explain more of how is works, and will demonstrate the sound bed in action!
Tickets are £15 for the day – contact me to reserve your place, on 07597 020 512

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