Past Life Healing by Judy Sharp

Today is All Hallow’s Eve, or Samhain if you are that way inclined. And today is the official publication date of my book Past Life Healing – what a wonderfully witchy-energy day for it to come into the world! The book won the National Spiritual Writing Prize which makes me an award-winning author, I guess!
The book gives an overview of the concept of reincarnation across history and across cultures; it highlights the research that has been done, both by researchers and by therapists, and quotes some of the better-known cases that have been proved “beyond reasonable doubt”. And it gives more than 30 stories from my own personal case files (anonymised, of course). These stories explain how ordinary people found the root cause of a “this life” issue way back in a past life: healing it there, at source, resolved the issue in this lifetime too.
Past Life Healing is published by Local Legend – and is available worldwide at any good book store. It is available on line at the giant Am thing, at Waterstones and at the lovely Watkins bookstore in Covent Garden, as well as all sorts of other nice book shops.
If you feel so inclined, do please buy a copy – it’s just £8 – and if you like it, please leave a 5-star review on the giant Am thing and on Waterstones – Nigel my publisher tells me that really helps a lot.
Oh yes, and if you know anyone who might be interested, feel free to like and share this post, all that stuff too! Thank you muchly, people!

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