Phil Sterling, Astrology and Voice Analysis Sound Healing, back by popular demand Sunday 25th September 2022









The last time Phil made the long trek from Manchester to the borders of East and West Sussex, he really didn’t know what sort of reception he would get. I could have told him it would be wonderful, but he soon discovered that for himself! It was a fabulous day – he talked about astrology in the morning and then moved on to voice analysis sound healing in the afternoon.
What’s the connection? Frequencies. Our birth charts are unique to us, set by the position of the planets at our time of birth. Each planet has its own frequency and this, together with its position, creates our blueprint. Likewise our voices are unique, again made up of tones or frequencies. The principle of voice analysis sound healing is to record the client’s voice, then run it through software to analyse the tones. This produces a coloured bar chart so the client can easily see which tones are perhaps a tad high or way low. A “tone box” can then be programmed to feed back to the body the tones that will bring the system literally back into harmony.
What Phil has done, being an astrologer, a former electronics engineer and a very clever chap indeed, is to write some highly-sophisticated software that  turns a client’s birth chart details into frequencies and marries that with the voice analysis data to produce an even more accurate reading.
The resulting pattern allows experienced therapists to understand and diagnose with a high degree of accuracy issues and conditions at mental, physical and emotional level. Decades of successful case studies bear testament to the effectiveness of this healing modality.
Back now by popular demand, Phil will be giving us another full day. sharing his extensive knowledge and experience of astrology and of voice analysis sound healing.
If you would like to join us for what promised to be another fascinating day, email me at:   or by mobile on 07597 020 512.

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