REFLEX Study results exonerated at last -EMFs are harmful

Star scientists of the mobile communications industry finally sentenced – Gigahertz, 30th January 2021 (auto-translation below)
On January 27, 2021, the retired Prof. Dr. Franz Adlkofer has good news to report on his website after a nerve-racking 12-year walk through all court instances:
“The Hanseatic Higher Regional Court of Bremen sentenced Professor Alexander Lerchl to withdraw his falsification claim against the REFLEX study”
The judgment is final and can no longer be drawn further.
A comment by Hans-U. Jakob (
Schwarzenburg, January 30, 2021
In the Reflex study, a huge thorn in the side of the cell phone industry, it was shown in 2008 that cell phone radiation can damage the genes in isolated human cells.
Since then, someone has been tirelessly claiming that the study results were all falsified, that is, they were “fabricated” by the laboratory technician Elisabeth Kratochvil.
The allegations of falsification found their broadcasting time on Swiss television in the health program PULS. O-Ton: ” The cell phone on the ear is dangerous, at least that is what 2 widely recognized studies from the University of Vienna said. Now came to light:The laboratory data were falsified by the dozen, so the warnings were premature. It was a scientific fraud that radiation from cell phones damage the genome and thus cause cancer. But be careful: this science scandal does not prove that rays are harmless for those who use the phone a lot .
In a first libel case before the Hamburg Regional Court in March 2015, Prof. Dr. Alexander Lerchl, Dean of the private Jacobs University in Bremen (left in the picture) has been sentenced to make this claim against the threat of a fine of €. 250,000 or 6 months in prison. For more information, go to:
After the judgment became final, Alexander Lerchl interpreted it in his own way. Namely, in such a way that the results of the reflex study are still falsified, he is just no longer allowed to say by whom. Lerchl didn’t keep his wisdom to himself, but shared it in countless magazines, daily and weekly newspapers, as well as TV programs. “Der Spiegel” and “NZZ” were particularly grateful customers for this version. Even our Swiss “observer” liked it in forum discussions. This while all references from to the defamation processes lost by Lerchl and his loudspeaker named “Stephan Schall” were deleted by return post.
The new version of Alexander Lerchl’s allegations of falsification fitted our federal offices BAG, FOEN, BfE and OFCOM so well into the concept that they invited him to speak at a conference on electromagnetic radiation and cancer, the so-called science break on June 23, 2016 at Villa Belvoir in Zurich. At the expense of the Swiss taxpayer, of course. The contribution of the federal offices to this conference was CHF 8000.-
The Science Break is carried out approximately every quarter by the Research Foundation for Electricity and Mobile Communication (FSM) Morning event for the purpose of embalming cantonal and federal office holders.
About 90% of the FSM is financed by the mobile communications industry, about 8% by the electricity barons and about 2% by the federal government.
In the invitation to the event on June 23, 16, however, the 4 named federal offices were listed as the inviting authorities and decorated with the Swiss Confederation’s logo. (!)
Now is the end of the flagpole and we close this post with a quote from Diagnose Funk (D):
Quote: That it turned into a science thriller, with character assassination, lawsuits, and the destruction of livelihoods, which, although immediately exposed as a scandal, will not be legally concluded until 2020 we had no idea. One can learn from this what industry and a corrupted science can do. Now we have it official: the results of the REFLEX study are correct, the claim that they are falsified can no longer be made. A revision of the judgment is not permitted. End of quote:
Closing words from
In view of the unspeakable suffering that the laboratory technician Elisabeth Kratochvil suffered with the destruction of her professional career, an official apology from Swiss television and our federal offices, which Lerchl kept parroting, is now in place.

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