RIP QE2 – what of KC3?

The Queen of England has been declared dead, as at 8th September 2022
In the language of the Rabbit Hole of Conspiracy, London Bridge has fallen. What does that mean? Many would say that it signals the end of an era and the start of a new chapter at many levels. It’s as if the first domino has fallen, and all the rest will now follow. It could be that the events that are unfolding now are the first signs that this is happening.

The old traditional pillars of Society have to crumble before new systems can come to the fore. It will be a messy time, for sure – what’s that saying – “you can’t make an omelette without cracking eggs.

Will Charles actually get to sit on the throne? Will he be crowned? There are those who say that his astrological chart say he will never be king. The tame astrologer of the Indigo tribe, Phil Sterling, says that Elizabeth II definitely had a monarch’s chart, and so does William (the now Prince of Wales). Charles’ chart is one of “could be, maybe”. Phil says that, if there is going to be a coronation, 1st to 4th June 2023 would be a good time for that.

All of a sudden the mood of the nation has gone from gloom, doom and despair about upcoming energy price rises that will send bills through the roof and put many small enterprises out of business – oh yes, and the fact that we have a new Prime Minister – to a wave of collective sadness and nostalgia at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Not such an emotional outpouring as with Diana “The People’s Princess” – that was a shock, a young life cut short and so on – but nevertheless there is a massive gear-shift. The media are in full-on nostalgia mood, trying to capture “the mood of the nation”, while traditional ceremonies and protocols, which lay gathering dust until needed, are dusted off and brought into action, so that things continue as they have done for centuries. But, many are asking, is it perhaps time to press the pause button and have a re-think?

If you would like to watch two contrasting videos on the topic of the queen’s passing, I suggest these:
Russell Brand in unusually calm and pensive mood (and even wearing a plain black shirt as a mark of respect):

David Icke – whose views on the royal family are well known, but he again makes some valid points: