Robin Hodson demonstration of mediumship

Robin Hodson is a prime example of what a medium should be – clear and concise; compassionate and caring; and with accurate, detailed information for the person receiving the message.

I was delighted when so many people booked to see Robin when he gave a demonstration at Haywards Heath Town Hall recently – and even more delighted when more turned up on the night! It proved in the most positive way that, despite the abuse and trolling I received on social media when I posted details of the event, there are lots of people who believe “there has to be more to life than this”.

Robin was on great form on the night, working for an hour and a half without a break, giving message after message, providing comfort, closure, advice, an all-important nudge …. it was a pleasure to bathe in the loving energy that filled the room.

If you see Robin’s name come up again, and if you are interested or just curious; an old hand or a first-timer – do come along.

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