Soul-Centred Healing by Thomas Zinser: A Review

At one of the recent Indigo discussion groups, talk turned to the use of non-physical “helpers” in medical and psychological work with clients.

Dr Ian Rubenstein, a medical doctor from North London, discovered he was a psychic medium, and used that connection to pass on messages from spirit to patients who had lost loved ones, but would not use it to provide diagnoses, believing this crossed the line.

In America a decade and more ago, psychologist Thomas Zinser formed a 14-year collaboration with a non-physical being called Gerod who was channelled by Katherine, a secretary in his office. Gerod said he could see into the very soul of a client, and provided very specific guidance to Zinser on how best to help the client resolve their issues.

The review of Thomas Zinser’s book “Soul Centred Healing” is here:

I have the book, have read it several times and can thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is interested in the workings of the soul – and shouldn’t we all be?


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