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Climate Change:  fact or fiction? with Marcus Allen

Climate Change: fact or fiction? with Marcus Allen

Climate change is a hot topic right now – pun very much intended.  CO2 emissions, rising sea levels, forest fires,  and the declining polar bear population – all are signs of global warming, we are told. But is that really true, or might it be (yet more) fake news? Marcus Allen is UK publisher of NEXUS, the magazine I like to call the Private Eye of the metaphysical world. He is also a well-known and highly-respected researcher and presenter in his own right, and on FRIDAY 15th NOVEMBER he is guest speaker at our INDIGO DISCUSSION GROUP. We shall meet as always in the private room at the Harvester at Beech Hurst Gardens, Haywards Heath  RH16 4BB, 10am – 12 noon or so, and Marcus will be sharing with the science that shatters some of the assumptions we have taken on board. You can try his quiz for yourself – it’s got a post all to itself: how many questions can you answer before you start Googling? If you would like to come along, please do. It would be useful to know if you are going to join us, so I can keep an eye on numbers – simply email...

Climate Change – the quiz!

Think you know about climate change? Are you sure? Then why not try this quiz, set by researcher, presenter and UK editor of NEXUS magazine, Marcus Allen? It will test your knowledge and perhaps shake some of your assumptions too (answers at the bottom, but don’t cheat!) 1.      By how many degrees Celsius has the world warmed during the past 20 years?          a)   0.3ºC            b)     0.8ºC                   c)    1.5ºC 2.      By how many degrees Celsius has the world warmed since the pre-industrial period?
           a)    10ºC                    b)    3ºC                      c)    1ºC 3.      It is thought there were between 5,000 and 15,000 polar bears alive in 1960.
            How many polar bears are alive today?          a)    more than 28,000        b)   5,000 – 10,000              c)    fewer than 4,000 4.      What share of the world energy consumption is met by wind and solar energy?          a)      2.6%                   b)    0.8%           c)    8.4% 5.      Since the 1920s, what has happened to the number of people killed by extreme 
       weather events?          a)    increased by more than 90%
      b)    decreased by more than 90%
         c)    remained stable 6.      What is the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere?
 a)    40%             b)    4%                      c)    0.04% 7.      What does the...

Climate Change – is it real, and is it what we are being told?

Climate Change – is it real, and is it what we are being told?

Nowadays there is a lot of fake news, there is a lot of smoke and mirror stuff swirling around. None moreso perhaps than the issue of “climate change” – as if that was something new, as if the climate had never changed before, ever. If we look back over history, it is not hard to find, even in recent history, quite marked changes in our climate – the River Thames has frozen over, for instance, more than 20 times between 1309 and 1814, and on five on those occasions the ice on the river was thick enough for people to skate on it, including 1814. More recently people skated on the river in 1963. Researcher and author Gregg Braden, in his book Turning Point,  publishes data rom Energy and Environment vol 19, Nº 1 (2008), in the form of a graph showing warming and cooling of our climate over the last 2000 years. in the Medieval Warming Period (820 – 1040 CE (used to be AD, now CE), the rise in temperatures were four times greater than what we are experiencing now – and guess what? It was followed by a period of cooling, a mini Ice Age. Seems I...