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If you joined us for Nigel Grace’s first talk about the wonderful Valley of the Pyramids in Visoko, you will not want to miss this update. And if you were not at that first talk, you should definitely join us

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How did those Egyptians do it? Come along and find out!

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Dying to Know . . . everything you ever wanted to know about death and dying, but were afraid to ask . . .

  Let’s break the taboos, start a fresh conversation, get down to the practical, useful, all-important information that can make such a difference – and save a lot of money! Death and Dying – the elephant in the room. The

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DYING TO KNOW … everything you ever wanted to know about death and dying but were afraid to ask …

Why is it that we are so reluctant to talk about death and dying? The taboo, the fear, is almost palpable with some people, and it’s not healthy. Research has consistently shown that 100% of people die at some time in

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