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Free Energy – Lawrence tells us more

Free Energy – Lawrence tells us more

Ahead of Lawrence Brightman’s presentation on Free Energy on Saturday 9th July, I asked him for some more details about what he would be talking about. This is what he shared with me – I don’t pretend to understand it, but it will make a lot of sense to a lot of people, I’m sure! Over to Lawrence: The magravs are practical, and can be used to lower electrical consumption by about 30%. They only need to be installed for about 3 months in order to condition wiring, and can then be removed. In that way, a “rental service” of magravs could be instituted to provide savings over time. Magravs can be made with a little effort, or they can be obtained on eBay, for example. Of course, none of this is supported by conventional physics or electrical theory. Nor is there any support for magrav operation in alternative physics or free energy circuits – but they still work. I will be discussing all this in the talk. I will also be bringing a few circuits and coils which use resonant methods of collecting “cold electricity” from the aether. I will have one of these circuits on, charging a battery,...

Free Energy with Lawrence Brightman:  Saturday 9th July

Free Energy with Lawrence Brightman: Saturday 9th July

Free Energy. It’s the Holy Grail of our times. Can it actually be done? Has it been done and it is being hidden from us? Lawrence Brightman has devised a number of very useful free energy gadgets and devices, and in his talk he will explain how he made them, and how we can make them too! He will go into the various theories and concepts surrounding free energy too, comparing alternative, conventional and free energy sources, and looking at the structure of matter and the aether, their co-dependency and the nature of reality and our perception of it. What nicer way to spend a Saturday morning! SATURDAY 9th JULY           10.30am – 1.30pm                    tickets £12 NEWICK VILLAGE HALL, WESTERN ROAD, NEWICK, EAST SUSSEX          BN8 4LE More info and booking:    07597 020 512                  judy@indigoumbrella.co.uk