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Climate Change – the quiz!

Think you know about climate change? Are you sure? Then why not try this quiz, set by researcher, presenter and UK editor of NEXUS magazine, Marcus Allen? It will test your knowledge and perhaps shake some of your assumptions too (answers at the bottom, but don’t cheat!) 1.      By how many degrees Celsius has the world warmed during the past 20 years?          a)   0.3ºC            b)     0.8ºC                   c)    1.5ºC 2.      By how many degrees Celsius has the world warmed since the pre-industrial period?
           a)    10ºC                    b)    3ºC                      c)    1ºC 3.      It is thought there were between 5,000 and 15,000 polar bears alive in 1960.
            How many polar bears are alive today?          a)    more than 28,000        b)   5,000 – 10,000              c)    fewer than 4,000 4.      What share of the world energy consumption is met by wind and solar energy?          a)      2.6%                   b)    0.8%           c)    8.4% 5.      Since the 1920s, what has happened to the number of people killed by extreme 
       weather events?          a)    increased by more than 90%
      b)    decreased by more than 90%
         c)    remained stable 6.      What is the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere?
 a)    40%             b)    4%                      c)    0.04% 7.      What does the...