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Past Life Healing – the books have arrived

Past Life Healing – the books have arrived

My stock of books has arrived! Very exciting to actually have the physical book in my hands at last. Big thanks to Nigel Peace, my publisher, for his support, encouragement and patience, and to the team at Local Legend for bringing the project to fruition. The book Past Life Healing is available via   http://www.local-legend.co.uk , in local bookshops and online, cover price is just £8.

Exploring Past Lives with Judy Sharp:  8th October 2019

Exploring Past Lives with Judy Sharp: 8th October 2019

In my professional career as a hypnotherapist and past life regression therapist, I must have worked with more than a thousand clients, and in my experience, it is not unusual to trace the real, underlying root cause of a “this life” issue back to a past life. Typically this would be an irrational fear or phobia, but could also be problems and challenges with relationships, money, career, sex drive, addictive behaviours …  by resolving the issue back there at source, it frees the client to move forward in this lifetime. That whole premise of past lives goes hand in hand with a belief in reincarnation, which I have studied and researched over the years and for me, there is no doubt that it is true. What makes it harder to refute nowadays for the skeptics is the fact that people are coming back and remembering a recent past life where all of the details can be verified in official records. On Tuesday 8th October 2019 I shall be giving a talk about all of this, including: ** the concept of reincarnation has been and is viewed across history and across cultures. ** modern case studies where previous lives have been...