We Indigos are a curious lot. We want to know more about all sorts of things – and so there is a programme of talks and workshops covering a very wide range of topics. Over the past few years we have explored lucid dreaming and working with colour; channelling and past lives. We have learned about the technology of ancient Egypt and the wonders of the Bosnian pyramids; we have wondered about conspiracy theories and crop circles. And much, much more.
A new-ish key theme is the health risk presented by Microwave Radiation, and an important event brought together three leading international scientists to explore and explain the science and its implications (see more under Special Events).
Water is vital to life, and this is coming strongly onto the radar too – watch for interesting events that highlight not only the importance of water, but how it can – and is – being used for healing and many other applications.
You will find the updated list of talks and workshops in the drop-down menu on this page, as well as in the regular monthly newsletters.
The summer months are generally quiet, as people are on holiday or doing “granny duty”, but come the autumn, we gently get back into the swing of stretching our minds and our imaginations into places unknown!