It is not always easy for “those on the other side” or Higher Dimensional Beings to be specific about timings of events because it is only here on Earth that linear time exists at all. So any messages that do give a time frame mean the message-bringers have had to work extra hard to make us understand.

Blossom Goodchild addressed the question of a Solar Flare with The Federation of Light in her 31st May channelling.
“There is talk of the June solstice being the time of the great Solar Flash,” she said.
“There indeed is talk,” the Federation replied.
They asked her to look deep into her heart, and deeper still. She found sadness, and then a closed door, behind which was a mass of worms, intertwined and squirming. Only when she was able to wade through those wriggling worms and open the next door did she find herself in a beautiful vista of light, a bridge and an enormous Rainbow.
The Federation said, “it is only a few doors away. Know this in your hearts. The worms must be ousted out, this will be Phase Two ….when the time is appropriate to do so and not one moment before, all will know that which is to be known …. concentrate on the Rainbow Light .. watch yourselves walk over the Bridge and sit there a while and, when ready, walk back again feeling renewed and strengthened, in the knowing you cannot fail.”

Interesting, isn’t it, that rainbows have been appearing everywhere during the virus lockdown: I wonder if people realise that they are calling in that beautiful higher energy? And is it a coincidence, I wonder, that the colours of the Indigo logo are those of the Rainbow??

Christina Hunt channels The Council of Light. Their recent messages have been full of hope, anticipation and joy at the imminent shift.
On 3rd June 2020, they said, “..a great battle has taken place, all around you in the heavens above, involving Beings from far beyond, in the vast realms of space. Do not fear us. We are not your enemies. We come in peace, we bring compassion, prosperity and a wealth of experience which has been kept hidden from you for decades, generations even, in order for those who have controlled and enslaved you for lifetimes to solely benefit. You shall be in awe at the technology that will be revealed, at the mass of knowledge that shall be disclosed …. the heavens have resounded with joy and elation at the success of our mission. The skies above are filled to capacity with craft and ships from every corner of the galaxy, in fact from beyond your known galaxy. Do not look upon us as strangers but as your family, we are your brothers and sisters. Prepare yourselves for the inevitable announcement. Awaken, Dear Ones, the time is nigh, you are not alone ….”

Not only is that a beautiful message in its own right, but it refers to another aspect of this whole process of change and transformation – The Great Reveal, as it has been called. This is when we finally come to know and understand everything that has been hidden from us: technologies for free and renewable energy; sustainable processes in all areas of life; treatments and technologies for healing and so much more. All held back so that the Cabal could continue to make money.
But it is not only the good stuff that will be revealed – we will also get to see the not-so-nice stuff that has been going on behind the scenes: this is what Blossom referred to in one of her recent sessions as something so abhorrent it would move even the most hard-hearted.
There are references to this throughout the messages that are coming through now, even from the Zs, with whom Lee Harris works.

On 4th June 2020 The Council of Light came again to Christina Hunt with this message:
”We urgently appeal to you to prepare yourselves for the storm that must cross your paths …. delve deep and question what is good, what is right for you, are you following your hearts, dear ones?
Love is the foundation of all life, love is the building blocks of life, without love anything you try and create shall crumble and fall away. Do you realise the beautiful changes that are to come to the Planet Earth?
Prepare for the journey of a lifetime, a rare opportunity for your Souls to be lifted up, raised up ever closer to Source. Take this gift that is offered with both hands and accept the challenge! Be ready to let go of the old and embrace the new. The trip of a lifetime awaits. Set sail on the Golden Age and ride the crest of the wave. Freedom is the gift we offer you. Will you dare to step from the shackles of darkness that have ensnared you and trapped you, and step into the Light?”

And that, Indigos, is the Million Dollar Question – do you have the faith, the courage, the knowing, to step away from the fear and into the Light? It’s make your mind up time!

I spoke with Christina after the phone call from the Indigo, and asked if she had received any more information: if not, could she please go and ask (I did say please!). This is what she came bak with, from The Council of Light, on 11th June 2020:
“Expect the unexpected. We shall indeed be making our presence known to all of Earth’s beings. We shall be with you and among you in ever-growing numbers – that is not to say we aren’t here already (laughter).
Many such booms will be heard. Please do not go into fear or lack mode, but just stay strong and remain in the present moment in a state of love and loving forgiveness for all. We shall lovingly support you as always. Be guided by your Higher Selves and not the thoughts and feelings of others. You are all Children of the Light. Gather yourselves and draw back to yourself your light. Empower yourselves with your light and your love. It is the will of the Creator who governs all. It is Divine Will and Grace that showers the humans of Planet Earth. Love and Blessings to All.”
(you can find more of Christina’s work on her Facebook page The Living Light)

Candace Caddick is well-known to many Indigos. Reiki Master, author and channel of Ascended Masters,
When I asked whether she had received any information, she said that she had heard about “no internet” last November, during one of her workshops. She said that just very recently she and a friend were seeing large Earth events such as volcanos, tsunamis and earthquakes, starting any time now. Her guides have said cryptic things (her words) like “secure your food supply” which Candace thought would be later in the year but agrees it could be now. She emphasises “dates are always hard because guides live in timelessness.”. The guides warn us to keep safe.
(you can find out more about Candace’s work on her website:

And finally, some words from Peggy Black and her “Team”, taken from the latest newsletter of Fountain International:
”You often speak that in the higher dimensions things will be different, more loving, kinder and more peaceful. You speak of the higher dimensions as a place. We are here to tell you that dimensions are not a place or location. Dimensions are levels of consciousness. Each dimension vibrates at a different rate or frequency. Imagine that each dimension vibrates higher than the dimension below. As an individual begins to transform their limited beliefs and live in a more loving, accepting and grateful manner, their consciousness rises. When this occurs they begin to experience a higher dimension; they have a clearer, wider perception of their reality and a greater level of knowing. They will experience more openness and expansion; greater joy and light-heartedness. These emotional states can assist them in again raising their consciousness to an even higher dimension. New skills and awarenesses are made available for the expression of greater personal power and for recognising the more favourable time and energy in which to create an incredible reality, the reality of your deepest desire for a loving and life-sustaining world.”
(copyright 2019 Peggy Black, all rights reserved. More on her work at

Whatever the “crisis” or “chaos” is that we have to go through, it is part of the journey. We shall come out the other side into something far more beautiful, we will have shifted up a couple of notches, and will have left behind the very 3D ways of thinking, the old programming, the shackles that have bound us, as some said.


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